"Borda Cal Montane" is dated from the late nineteenth century and located in the exceptional site of the Menairons country. Ideal for unwinding of large noises, it is located in a parage bathed in the river Castellàs where you can enjoy nature at its purest and all types of Catalonian vegetation.


From the area you can go walking by mountain paths skills from which is possible to go around the Valley visiting every village without stepping up the road.


At night when it is dark, it’s amazing to lift your eyes and see the sky and see how meadow is illuminated only by the light given off by stars. In the full moon nights the farm is totally illuminated as if there where lights.


In spring everything rises again and the trees, already dressed in their best clothes, show a range of green colours impossible to imagine. It is only possible to hear the birds singing happily because of the good weather arriving, and the river, full of water of snowmelt from the mountains.