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The spot and its surroundings

La Borda Cal Montane is located in an exceptional setting in Alt Urgell, Les Valls d'Aguilar.

A few kilometers from La Seu d'Urgell and Andorra, the house is bathed by the river Castellàs, ideal for those courageous who want to enjoy a river bath.

From the area you can walk along the established mountain routes from where you can travel through the valley visiting all the towns without having to go through any road. At night, it is amazing to look up, see the sky and see how the meadow is illuminated only by the stars. On full moon nights, the hut is fully illuminated. In spring everything grows again and the trees, already dressed in their best clothes, show a series of green colors impossible to imagine. Then you can hear the birds singing happily because of the good weather that is coming and the river full of water from the snow that descends from the mountains.

It is a pleasure to walk through the forest of the farm itself and be able to hug two of the poplars —located on our plot— that have been recognized as among the tallest in Catalonia. Furthermore, beyond the inspiration one may find in nature, practicing “forest bathing” (shinrin-yoku) is a great health therapy with measurable and quantifiable benefits.

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